Bulk SMS Marketing

With the help of bulk SMS service providers, you may reach your target audience with promotional and transactional SMS services using this well-liked marketing strategy. Bulk SMS is a quick and trustworthy method for promoting the goods and services offered by your brand. Mumbai, India’s financial center, is home to practically all of the major financial institutions’ corporate offices and has made substantial contributions to the growth of bulk SMS usage. Prior to earlier, only financial organizations in Mumbai used bulk SMS services to advertise their brands. Now, practically all industries use them, and the demand for bulk SMS service provider in Mumbai has risen significantly.

What is Bulk SMS Service?

A bulk SMS service enables companies to quickly send messages to thousands of clients. Simply enter the message, upload the target customer list, and press “Send.” The bulk SMS service is comparable to what was once referred to as message broadcasting. But this is only capable of handling a little bit more.

Bulk SMS Services Mumbai

Bulk SMS service provider in Mumbai take advantage of the city’s urban and semi-urban residents’ rising reliance on mobile devices. Nowadays, few people leave their homes without their cell phone. Therefore, it has become more simpler to reach both current and potential clients. Additionally, clients are more likely to read and respond to text messages than emails or pamphlets. Because of this, bulk SMS is quickly becoming a popular means of marketing for businesses and financial institutions in Mumbai.

Numerous SMS service providers have created simple solutions that guarantee the continued popularity of bulk SMS service provider in Mumbai. The majority of SMS solutions are online applications that are simple to use with Internet connections. Short reply numbers are used to deliver messages to customers, making it easier for them to reply to communications.

One can distribute innovative mobile information services over the world with WhatsApp business API providers. All features available on the market are included in the WhatsApp, SMS, Images, Audio, and Video bundles. Data transmission via image or video is many times more effective than data transmission via text or words. When compared to other types of information like TV, radio, email, voice call, paper ads, and others, WhatsApp marketing makes you stand out enough to be recognized by prospecting leads. Not only that, but the method proves to be cheap and incredibly effective.

Many businesses in Mumbai are making full use of bulk SMS services, whether it’s to advertise their current or new products, inform customers about exclusive discounts and offers, or send out OTPs. The current generation hardly ever leaves their cell phone at home. Therefore, it has become much simpler to contact both current and potential customers via SMS.

Benefits of Bulk SMS Advertising

• Cost-friendly pricing
• Technical Support Management
• Reliable SMS gateway
• Enhanced consumer interaction
• Instant delivery
• High open rates
• High ROI
• Spam free messages
• Personalized communications
• Multilingual support
• DLT Compliant Messaging

Why universal media consider as best bulk SMS service provider?

Universal Media has been offering SMS services to corporate and educational sectors since 2005, and we are one of the leading bulk sms providers in Mumbai.
✓ Our service is the most dependable in the sector thanks to dedicated SMS servers installed across the major Indian cell providers.
✓ As a Bulk SMS provider in Mumbai, we keep an eye on the rivalry and convergence in the mobile communication sector and offer recommendations on how to use these developments in your benefit.
✓ Our customer service is top-notch and you can use our services for your bulk sms advertising just the way you want, in a reliable and cost-efficient manner.
✓ Universal Media has one of the most efficient and experienced team to offer bulk SMS marketing services to our clients. We have years of experience in bulk SMS marketing solutions and we know how to promote the business or product of our clients.
✓ The process of marketing your brand and maintaining good PR is always on the move. As your sms advertising solution provider, we understand the changes in the market – both in terms of equipments and processes, and we can market your business to your customers in a way that suits the market movements.
✓ With Universal Media, you get the benefit of advertising your brand to multiple existing and potential customers. We offer rich texts for your business needs that are engaging and are perfectly capable of generating sales and revenues. On top of that, you can also customize the text messages according to the requirements of your organization.

Gone are the days of handing out flyers and posters to market your brand or to advertise your products. With the emergence of digital goods, even the marketing strategies have changed by quite a significant margin. You can take your business within the fingertips of your customers by opting for bulk SMS services to advertise your brand. And in case you are interested in taking help from the bulk SMS service in Mumbai to promote your business, then Universal Media can be your best shot. With spam free texts, 24/7 support and maintenance, high customer satisfaction and a high ROI, Universal Media has turned itself into one of the biggest solution providers in this sector and with our help, you can finally take your business to the level where you aspire it to be!