Auto Rickshaw Branding

Need to advertise your brand but not a big fan of cluttering advertisements? Don’t get an ideal space to promote your business? Confused about your Target Audience? Started to promote with old means of marketing, but highly disappointed with results? You need not to worry!! We got you covered. We are here to guide you through all the ups and downs of marketing and advertising. We can help you in increasing your reach and expanding your business. Ads, banners and posters are spread over the walls of every corner of the city, promoting something or other. Cluttering has resulted in a constant decline in the impact that these ads are supposed to have on people.

To attract the audiences’ attention, and gain user retention to your business a catchy and innovative advertisement medium is important in today’s world. And this brings us to Auto Rickshaw advertisement i.e., Auto Branding.

Universal Media provides services all over India to ensure that all mentioned problems related to marketing for small scale as well as large scale business are solved. We provide services at minimal cost so that you can maximize your return of investment.

“An auto covers almost 150-200 kms of area on a regular basis carrying passengers from one part of the city to another.”

Auto branding is a cost effective and pose in high impact on viewers. It is a form of mobile advertisement which will be spread all over the city including highways, lanes, railway stations, bus stands, market area, residential area, colleges, schools and even the areas that are restricted, covering almost all the parts of city from small colony to industrial areas. It comparatively holds more durability and long-term visibility thereby costing no extra charges for rejuvenation of your pre-existing ads. We have even created a space smart branding advertisement with auto rickshaw for branding. So, now We have a mass as our audience, our work is to know the mindset of our companies target audience and then to relatively create a creative and eye-catching banner, poster or leaflet can leave an impact on the mind of a viewers, thereby bringing more retention as well profit to the businesses of our customer. If you want your product to scale out in a market, then ping us right now. Let’s connect and turn your business into a brand that everyone is gossiping about in the city.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is auto rickshaw branding? 

Auto rickshaw branding consists of pasting Vinyl posters promoting a brand on the hoods of auto-rickshaws. There are many reasons why auto branding advertisements are run. for example, building loyalty among target audiences and increasing brand awareness. With auto rickshaw advertising, brands have the opportunity to expand their reach and target every corner of the city.

What is the cost of auto rickshaw branding in Mumbai? 

The cost of auto rikshaw branding generally depends on the campaign duration time. But the auto rickshaw branding in Mumbai can cost between 130 INR to 150 INR / auto (excluding the GST).

 What are the Types of Auto rickshaw advertisement? 

  • Auto rickshaw Back Panel advertising
  • Auto Rickshaw Hood advertising
  • Auto rickshaw Top Sticker Logo advertisement
  • Auto rickshaw Combo Advertising

What are the benefits of auto rickshaw advertising? 

  • Providing more unique views at a lower cost
  • The roaming visibility is higher (up to 18-20 hours a day)
  • This type of branding is durable and eye-catching
  • Campaigns can be run on a mass scale with this advertising