Why use WhatsApp Marketing for Your Business?

WhatsApp is without a doubt, the preferred messaging platform within the world. In 2020, its audience has already grown up to 2 billion active users monthly. This marketing channel is a must-have for businesses that want to stay connected with audiences in their countries. As an example , there are 340 million monthly WhatsApp users in India and almost 100 million in Brazil.

WhatsApp marketing allows you to stay up-to-date with your customers – as half of the WhatsApp users check their app at least once a day . Better yet, you’ll make certain they’re going to get your offers, as text messages have a 98% open rate.

The point being that your customers love this platform . Add to the fact that they trust brands with chat apps more – (53% of individuals say they might buy from companies they will reach via chat) makes it even more compelling for your company to invest in the same.

Here are the 3 Main benefits of reaching customers via whatsapp

Higher conversion rate

Choosing an ideal channel for your initial contact with customers is crucial. People may get disgruntled with phone calls while staying inaccessible through email or social media. Here is where WhatsApp comes in handy to nudge your prospects towards the acquisition/conversion . Anecdotal data provided by business suggests that customers answered 40% of their WhatsApp messages. Better yet, messaging drives conversions. Namely, messaging after initial contact with an opportunity can increase the conversion rate by 112.6%.

Better sales

WhatsApp marketing works as a magic wand for your sales. the straightforward trick of adding a WhatsApp telephone number on your website may end in a 27% more sales lead.

The potential to succeed in branding through any messaging app alone instills confidence in potential customers( 66% of customers feel more optimistic about purchasing from a corporation if it’s active on messengers). Better yet, you Should consider WhatsApp a stand-alone sales channel for your business. It’s possible with the growing tendency for people to shop for through messaging apps. Roughly 60% of consumers believe they’re going to use messengers more to form purchases within the future.

Lower cost of marketing

WhatsApp is still a very affordable marketing channel, which makes this platform enticing for small businesses. All you need to get the ball rolling is to install an app and connect to the Internet. Meanwhile, the chances that your message will reach the customer are sky high. On average, a user checks WhatsApp over 23 times a day. WhatsApp marketing drives more conversions, improves sales, allows you to build deep quality relationships with customers, and costs next to nothing in terms of marketing expenditures.

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