How Whatsapp Marketing Automation Works.

There are a few things you should know before we get to the topic of WhatsApp marketing automation.

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What is WhatsApp marketing and why you need it.

It is a type of messenger marketing, that utilizes WhatsApp as a platform to promote a brand and reach out to customer. Being relatively new and untapped channel, it has potential to improve your marketing campaigns. It is then important for you to understand, how it works and how it could be useful to your company. Especially in terms of brand awareness and customer relationship management.

What does it require?

WhatsApp marketing requires, a database and a software. The software may or may not have preexisting configurations. In both cases it becomes difficult to optimize the utility without expertise and experience.

In case you have a database, all you need is to get the software and configure it. It then sends appropriate messages to all the audiences at the same time. The message sent to the audiences will have a dynamic set of responses that makes it impractical to be preconfigured to reply. So for practical purposes it is a one way communication.

How to effectively use it.

It is recommended that you use WhatsApp marketing for brand awareness and send query traffic to either your website or your contact number. There are however, some ways to circumvent the technological limitations. You could set your message with a predefined set of responses, for example an option question for survey and query.

For effective implementation, you need to integrate the software with your CRM System. This enables you to record and store responses for future use.

What else can you do?

You can send mechanized messages to clients helping them to remember bills and forthcoming installments. Speak with the clients on their favored application and get quick reactions. You can give incredible client experience by collaborating with them on WhatsApp.

Choose Us!

In case you don’t have experience and expertise with WhatsApp marketing do contact us, we can help you. We have successfully executed campaigns for clients with satisfactory results.

You could use our WhatsApp Automation to synchronize your WhatsApp API account with us and:

  • Send Automated Alerts and Notifications to Customers on WhatsApp and give updates in a snappy and efficient way.
  • Use WhatsApp messages based work process to produce programmed responses for your clients and empower them by giving your best services to clients.
  • Fasten your sales process via mechanized response to messages to individuals.
  • Guarantee Security by giving confirmation and verification codes to clients during login by means of quick and secure, WhatsApp messages.

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions feel free to contact – +91 9022146719

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