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A WhatsApp Bot is a chatbot or software program you can use specifically on the popular messaging app WhatsApp. A WhatsApp Bot enables you to initiate  conversational commerce and manage customer issues. You get to provide your customers with support on a platform they use and respond to their questions right away. This helps you to engage with customers. You also save your customers time by answering questions or confirming appointments in real-time, which helps to improve the customer experience.

What can you do with a chatbot & autobot service?

Send Notifications on WhatsApp

  • Send shipping updates, delivery reminders, payment reminders and other notifications on WhatsApp using our APIs

Support Customers on WhatsApp

  • Allow your customers to talk to you on their favorite messaging app with multi-agent customer support tool

Benefits of Whatsapp chatbot and autobot services

High Open Rates

  • Over 98% open rates

Better Read Ratio

  • Messages are read within 5 seconds

Brand Recall

  • Brands have a better recall

Rich Messaging

  • Supports Images, Videos & Rich Buttons

Higher Response Rate

  • High response rates, better experience

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