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WhatsApp is a social media platform used for multimedia messaging. This application was acquired by Facebook for a whopping 19 billion dollars in 2014. It can be argued that WhatsApp is among one of the fastest-growing communication apps in the world. In a couple of years, it was found that more than half a billion people around have already installed the application and nowadays thousands of WhatsApp users are using it for both personal and business purposes. The WhatsApp users who are using it for business purposes, use the application for uploading more than 700 million photos and 100 million videos to promote their business content.

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Many surveys have shown that WhatsApp is more popular than other social media platforms.  The use of this application is not restricted, people from all the strata of society are using WhatsApp nowadays. The use of WhatsApp is already on the verge of replacement of SMS services and is moving very fast towards becoming our primary means of communication. There is one similar question small business owners are asking right now, and that is how can they use WhatsApp for promoting or expanding their business. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using WhatsApp integration for order confirmation, getting customer feedback and sending unique coupon codes.

Creative ways of using WhatsApp for business promotions

  • WhatsApp can be used for internal team communication. The best thing about WhatsApp is everyone has this application downloaded on their phones and it does not require any extra investment for business owners to train their employees for using WhatsApp. Another advantage is, you do not need to ask the team to check WhatsApp after a specific interval as they are anyway accustomed to check the application at regular intervals.
  • You can use WhatsApp for communicating with the client. Many customers do not appreciate getting phone calls from unknown numbers. However, they are more than willing to respond to personal messages on WhatsApp to share their feedback about the product. When business owners start using WhatsApp for customer communication, there is better response and engagement between customers and business owners.
  • Businesses need 24/7 customer support and instead of spending more on call centres, you can set up 24/7 customer support via WhatsApp. WhatsApp is proving to be a great and useful tool for customer support. The reason behind it is obviously because of its wider reach. The existing and potential customers would always prefer to send you a message over WhatsApp rather than calling a helpdesk number where the wait time is very long and similarly, they would not like to raise tickets because the process is lengthy.


If you are a business owner and want to promote your business and want to get an immediate and effective response from both potential and existing customers, business owners will need to devise many creative and effective ways to promote your business using WhatsApp, for example, sending unique coupon codes or discount information to the clients for expansion of business.

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