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It is very hard and risky when it comes to running your own business. Besides growing the business another important part is to promote the business. The expensive and time-consuming activity through which vehicle branding is done is known as branding. Branding is really necessary to get your products and services recognised in the market and build brand recognition. As a business owner, sometimes one has to pay high rates to different advertising agencies and invest in a plan. Sometimes, implementation of these plans means paying out thousands of dollars to many different venues. However, big-time business expenditure can be reduced by using business vehicle wraps such as auto rickshaw branding with vinyl graphics.

Different companies are slowly acknowledging the power of this way of promotion because this option is not only hassle-free but it is also an effective way to promote their brand and also to grow their business. Studies show that more people are eager to go on the roads nowadays when the vaccine is available and more cars and buses are on the road more than ever. This makes using the auto rickshaws on the road as a way of promoting your business an ideal choice. This article covers in more detail how using vinyl graphics on auto rickshaws, which is the most popular mode of communication in urban cities, is one of the best ways to build a brand identity for your products.

Benefits of branding the Auto Rickshaws for promoting the brand

  • The stereotype of using a stable billboard to promote your business is now ages old. By using the new technique of vinyl graphics or vehicle branding of the auto rickshaws, they are using the auto rickshaws as a moving billboard for promoting their business. Another advantage of using auto rickshaw branding is that businesses can reach their target audience more efficiently. The people who are most likely to see the advertisement on the auto rickshaws are daily commuters who belong to different age groups.
  • Auto rickshaw branding is noticed and remembered by more than 95 percent of daily commuters. This not only creates awareness but also creates excitement within the commuters regarding the brand. When the commuters notice a product branded on the side of a commercial vehicle like an auto rickshaw many people think the auto rickshaw is on the road for delivering the product. They may also believe their friends are using the product being delivered and begin to develop trust in your product.
  • If you are using traditional methods of advertising such as television advertisements or newspaper inserts then maybe one day you might get noticed by some customers if lucky. You have to wait for the reaction of the viewers when you place an ad on the television. In addition, with trying to put the advertisement in both the medium of advertising, it is hard for ad reps to guarantee that the promotion will generate leads. But with branding the auto rickshaw with vinyl graphics you can ensure more lead generation without any extra investment.


Studies conducted often find that two out of three business owners had found branding the auto rickshaw with vinyl graphics is a more profitable way of promoting their business. This not only helped them to promote their business but also helped them increase their revenue by preventing more expenditure for brand promotion.

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