Auto Rickshaw Branding: New Way to Promote Your Brand

Digital Marketing is blooming in its space. But there is something unique that is catching up within the marketing and branding arena. To be accurate this method of marketing has been used for a decade now. Let me take the cat of out of the bag, Auto branding is what we are referring here. Apart from the previous methods of marketing that we came across Auto rickshaw branding has similar benefits to it. Pamphlets, Flyers have their own charm of attracting the people and readers out there. But Auto branding is nothing less than these effective methods. It has its own sense of appeal.

Auto rickshaw branding is one of the most preferred cost-effective and time-efficient ways to reach the root level audience. Auto branding as a form of marketing technique does not need a profound level of segmenting, targeting, positioning and differentiation of the audience. Because as auto rickshaw is an immensely popular and preferred mode of transport these parameters don’t necessarily apply. So, in short, auto branding is suited for targeting a larger group of audience, irrespective of their age group and other demographic factors that we usually consider while setting the target audience. Having said that Auto rickshaws run miles of kilometers each day and cover a fair amount of distance for your brand to be noticed.

But what makes Auto branding efficient the way it is implemented at a low cost, in less time and still has the power to reach the audience. The competency of branding through autos is not restricted to the size of business you own. Befitting to your brand whether small or large scale auto branding is the promotional way that’ll work wonders for you. Auto rickshaw branding has a set of benefits compared to other traditional outdoor advertising options that are used usually.

Impactful designs are available in auto branding and they are not static like signage boards. Interactive designs of ads and creative copies grab the eyeballs of the prospect. These also have a vital brand recall value. Autos roaming around the cities and further have this inbuilt aspect of mobility and that becomes useful for ads. Visibility is one of the salient features of this branding method. As the auto travels from nooks and alleys of the cities there is a high possibility that your brand gets the eyes on.

This way of marketing helps you to gain the maximum ROI. ROI is the return on investment and with effective ROI and result driven campaigns, Auto rickshaw branding has proved to work for brands in various sectors such as Real Estate, Events, and Exhibitions, Hotels and Restaurants, Investments and Banks etc. All these favorable reasons are making this method popular and hence a trending tactic. It’s one of the brand promotion technique we would suggest for better sales, enhanced brand visibility, brand awareness, highlighting USP’s, Increased Consumer loyalty towards your brand and much more.

We at Universal Mediaa take your thought and consideration and then strategically plan and create your campaigns. Be it local level targeting or auto branding we do our best in giving result driven efforts for our clients. Make your business reach its horizon with us at Universal Mediaa.

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