9 Reasons why, you should consider WhatsApp Marketing Strategy.

You should implement a WhatsApp Marketing Strategy as a part of your marketing portfolio for the following reasons:

1.  Widely-used messaging platform

According to the WhatsApp blog, the platform connects over two billion users round the world, making it the foremost popular messaging app today.

2. People prefer using chat over phone calls

Reaching  your audience on their preferred channel is significant in any marketing strategy.  “more people use their smartphone for texting than they do for phone calls”

3. Your audience is already on WhatsApp

According to Experian marketing Services: WhatsApp features a median age of 36, i.e 71% of users are within the age group of 18-44. As the app features a global user base, it’s a go-to platform for diverse audience segments, if you’re advertising internationally.

4. WhatsApp offers high user engagement

The HootSuite blog notes incredible engagement rates of messaging apps with 98% of mobile messages being opened  with 90% being seen within three seconds of receipt.

5. Permission-based marketing at its best on WhatsApp

Contrary to the belief that WhatsApp marketing isn’t viable because it might be intrusive, the platform offers permission-based marketing. you cannot simply look for or buy contacts. You either request them to share their number or to message you initially (or they might mark you as spam). In both cases, you respect the users’ right to reject or receive your marketing message. And you finish up with a highly segmented audience base that’s curious about your marketing message.

6. Personalize conversations on WhatsApp

One to one interactions help your business cater to your customers’ unique interests and requirements. This makes your message more relevant and authentic.

7. Diverse feature set for various marketing needs

Apart from personalized messaging, WhatsApp offers an array of features for marketers to leverage.

Groups compile like-minded people to share views and opinions. With a maximum size of 256, you’ll compile your most valued customers to share product previews, early deals, etc. Keep the group subject relevant for users to be ready to find it. Status are often utilized in a spread of the way . Create short videos for product demos and share customer experiences. you’ll display images about product information or use your status to humor your customers or share updates in real-time. Sharing links to your products or services, PDFs or docs as case studies, video product demonstrations, audio files informing customers or how to’s can help inform and have interaction with audiences. you’ll also share your location for patrons to succeed in reaching yoy easily, and share contacts for customer service and updates.

8. WhatsApp Business API for various organizational needs

WhatsApp offers Business applications for SMBs to make business profiles, share websites, open hours, contact information, and automate welcome and away messages for free of charge. You’ll also integrate third-party chatbots for a fee.

9. Customer service for improved customer experience

Including customer service in your WhatsApp marketing strategy can help create exceptional customer experiences. you’ll use chat to resolve customer queries, updates about product and delivery tracking, reach bent customers through voice calls, and integrate chatbots for a seamless shopping experience. Being a quick communication medium, you’ll be accessible to your customers anytime, anywhere.

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