Is Advertising on Pole Kiosks the Future of Marketing?

Pole kiosks are a new form of advertising that is both eye-catching and interactive. These kiosks can be found in high traffic areas, such as roads, highways, airports, and train stations.

This type of advertising is becoming more popular due to its ability to be seen by more people than other types of advertisement, such as TV commercials.

Pole kiosks are also used for various other purposes, such as public safety and information dissemination.

Pole kiosks can be used to advertise anything from products to services.

Pole Kiosk Advertising Statistics

Pole advertising is a form of advertising that uses a vertical pole to promote a product or service.

The first recorded use of this form of advertising was in 1843 in London, England. However, it is not clear when the first use of this form of advertising was in the United States.

The statistics show that more and more people are using the pole to advertise their business. The US Census Bureau reported that there were close to 2 million poles installed for advertisements nationwide in 2008, with an average cost per installation at $2,000-$3,000.

In India, pole kiosk advertising is a popular and effective marketing medium and helps you reach 1000s of people.

Outdoor branding with Pole Kiosks reaches even those areas where other media is not effective. 

Advantages of Pole Kiosk Advertising

Pole Kiosk Advertising is gaining popularity. It is an outdoor advertising form that enables advertisers to get their message across to the public in a creative way.

The advantages of pole kiosks include:

1. Pole kiosks are a cost-effective form of advertising that is cheaper than other forms of advertising.

2. They are flexible in terms of the type of ads they can display, making them easily customizable to suit different business needs.

3. They can be placed anywhere on the street, allowing businesses to target their audience in specific areas with ease and precision.

4. They do not require any permits to install, so they can be set up and taken down quickly with minimal hassle and disruption.

5. Using this medium, advertisers have the option of having their ads displayed 24×7 by opting for illuminated ads. It is also possible to see the kiosks at night since they are backlit. The backlit illumination adds an attractive look to your ad in addition to making it more visible.

6. These ads are viewed multiple times daily by people who travel the same route back and forth on a regular basis, further increasing recall and brand recognition.

Disadvantages of Pole Kiosk Advertising

Pole advertising has some disadvantages that need to be considered before adopting this form of advertising.

1. The first and most important disadvantage of pole advertising is the lack of control over the message that is being displayed on the pole.

2. It can be difficult to reach all the desired audience with such a limited space.

3. Another disadvantage of this form of advertising, for both advertisers and consumers, is that it can be very distracting for people who are trying to walk through an area with poles.

Conclusion :

Pole kiosk advertising is quite effective as a mass-market medium, and it can be used for a variety of purposes, some of which include branding, broad messages, campaign support, etc. 

It helps to inform people about specific products and services when they are out of the house.

To conclude, one can say that outdoor advertising, if used wisely is very powerful and cost-effective way of advertising.

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