Advantages of Auto Rickshaw Advertising

Advantage of Auto Rickshaw Advertising

Growing your business is not too tough if you know the ideal advertising methods that will give your brand a boost in the market.

outdoor advertising is one of the most useful methods for businesses as it reaches a wide range of audiences. In terms of quantity and quality of the advertisements, outdoor ads overpower indoor ads by a significant margin.

One such important style of outdoor advertising is auto rickshaw advertising.

What is auto rickshaw advertising?

Branding on auto-rickshaws is a trick that can be used by businesses to reach a wider mass and promote their brand. This involves attaching posters, leaflets, billboards, and stickers on the body of the vehicle.

So, what are the benefits of this type of advertising? Let us find out!

Advantages of auto rickshaw advertising

Advertising on auto-rickshaws is a relatively new style of advertising and it has certain benefits which make this method a useful one.

Many brands have started promoting their products and/or services through branding on auto-rickshaws. The benefits of this style of advertising include –

Wide reach and audience: Auto rickshaws travel hundreds of kilometers every single day. You can take your advertisement to a wide range of target audiences with just one auto rickshaw. Then imagine the impact you could achieve by promoting your business through advertising on several auto rickshaws. The frequency of your message will ensure people notice your brand and take an interest in your products and/or services.

Attractive and creative style:

Auto rickshaw advertising can be done in a subtle and yet creative manner which will help you attract the attention of the mass. You can use a wide variety of creative tools such as images, texts, engaging captions, taglines, infographics, and much more that will be attractive to your potential and existing customers.

Cost-effective pricing:

auto rickshaw advertising can fall on the more expensive side of advertising when you consider the overall effect that you can have through this unique style of advertising makes the pricing cost-effective. The reach and attention that you can garner from this advertising method are tremendous.

Create a statement for your brand:

Trying a new style of advertising is always effective as it gives a new kind of exposure to your business. Imagine a business that promotes its services through advertising on public transport vehicles such as auto-rickshaws. The appeal and style of such advertisements can help your brand become popular amongst your target audience and give you a loyal customer base in return.


Auto rickshaw advertising is a new and effective style of advertising that every business should try to promote their products and services. A great brand to opt for this specific advertising service is Universal Media. You can check out the website of Universal Media and check their services and finally get your advertisement on auto-rickshaws.

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