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Mumbai is known as the financial capital of India, and this megacity justifies this name by being home to several businesses of different sizes. All these businesses provide different services and products to their customers. However, operating a business in such a megacity is not easy. One has to advertise their company as much as possible if they want to get enough visibility in front of their target audience. Bus branding is an effective and interesting method of advertising which businesses can use for promoting their products and services to a wider range of audience than ever before!

What Is bus branding?

The business scene in Mumbai as well as other mega-cities is turning more competitive with every passing day. If one wants to reach the top as a business and eventually solidify their position at the top, then they have to opt for the best advertising methods that will allow them the maximum visibility and engagement. One has to be creative while designing an advertisement in order to attract the potential consumers. Bus branding is a unique kind of outdoor advertisement which provides businesses with the opportunity not only to send their message to a large group of people (compared to indoor advertising methods), but also to take enough creative liberty and design an engaging copy.

Bus branding is actually a widely popular advertising method, and it goes beyond placing your advertisement posters on the bodies of the buses. For example, bus stop branding is another option that you can opt for. Since there are fewer bus stops than buses, it is actually a cheaper alternative to bus branding. However, advertising your brand in bus stops does not compromise on your visibility. Imagine the number of bus stops in a city like Mumbai. Imagine the huge number of people who visit these bus stands every single day. Everything considered, advertising on buses and in bus stops make for two of the most efficient advertising mediums that you can use for your business.


Bus branding and bus shelter advertising in Mumbai

Let us face this: starting a business might be really easy but maintaining it is one hell of a task. Managing your business consists of several tasks such as managing your inventory, managing your employees, managing your customer base and so on. Advertising your business is  another crucial part of managing your business. When you are based in a city like Mumbai, it is even more important that you are advertising your brand at the right places. Bus branding and bus shelter advertising can be used as two easy and effective methods of promoting your business in front of a busy population. Yes, one can opt for more exciting and reputed advertising methods as well – such as television advertisements, large billboards and maybe even graffiti advertisements. But these methods are quite expensive, and in some cases they do not even offer as much of a reach as bus branding and bus shelter advertising provides.

Getting your message on several buses that run through the busy roads of Mumbai all day long, putting up your advertisement poster or billboards in a bus shelter which is visited by thousands and thousands of commuters every single day – both of these sound like advertising techniques that guarantee engagement. And this is what you want as a business – being in a constant communication, be it direct or indirect, with your existing and potential customers. You can advertise your brand through posters, infographics, digital displays etc. on buses. Bus branding offers you the unique opportunity to have entire buses wrapped up in your advertisements if you so desire. The entire process is going to be extremely exciting for both you as a business and your audience.

Benefits of bus branding in Mumbai

Advertising on buses and bus stops can offer sustainable growth in your customer base and can help you with expanding your business as much as you may have dreamt.

  • Cost effective pricing: Every business wishes to find the most cost effective and value for money advertising options that it can get. Branding on buses, and advertising in bus stops provide you with two affordable and effective advertising options for your business.
  • Wide reach and audience: Bus and bus stop branding in Mumbai will provide you with the maximum visibility for your brand. The buses travel across the busy roads of the city all day. Most of the commuters who use the buses also visit different bus stops throughout the city every single day. The exposure that you can get by advertising on buses and bus shelters is humongous.
  • Attractive and engaging: There is no limit to the amount of creative liberty that you want to take while designing a bus shelter advertisement campaign for your business. You can use images, texts, captions, infographics and so much more through this type of advertising method.
  • Have a real impact through frequency of message: You can attach your advertisements on multiple buses, or place your advertisements on the busiest bus shelters in Mumbai, which will help you deliver your message to your audience much more frequently compared to other advertising services.
  • Build a statement: Branding on buses builds a real statement for your brand through its unique approach. Not every business uses this advertising method, and it will separate you from your competitors in the eyes of your audience.
  • More reliability: More often that not, we tend to believe what we see frequently. Bus branding and bus stop advertising helps businesses with getting their message to their audience frequently, which will help you grow your reliability as a brand.

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