4 Things to consider for Effective “No Parking” Board Advertisements

They seem common place and easy to implement. However, effective No parking board advertisements require a lot of considerations before implementation. Choosing a competent advertisement company is paramount to the success of your company. We have expertise, experience, and the tools to deliver the best. Here is why you should consider us.

Things to consider before implementing no parking board advertisements.

Some points to consider in no particular order are,

  • Location
  • Industry vertical
  • longevity
  • Design Aesthetics


These boards are commonly installed in the gates of commercials buildings and residential areas. Both types of locations give access to wide consumer audience. Effective placement requires you to have knowledge of the locality and the category of audience. The audience that you target should be capable as well as willing to buy products and services.
We also do SMS marketing, WhatsApp marketing, new paper inserts and transit media marketing. A happy byproduct of which, we have an accurate pan India database that enables us to target specific audience in specific locality. Being a BTL specialist our expertise enables lower costs as compared to other mediums. In this way we deliver the best ROI via low costs and hyper local targeting.

Industry Verticals

No parking board advertisements work with all types of verticals. Educational institutions, banks, delivery apps logistics and Automobile companies are the most common users among them. They get the required brand recall and leads without using relatively expensive modes of advertisements such as billboards and digital marketing. We have done the same for many clients big and small.


The longevity of this type of advertisements depends upon materials, locality, and service type. The Advertisement would last 1 month and if you want more longevity you could request for the same with us.

Design Aesthetics

One purpose of the no parking board is to warn the visitors, cabs and rickshaws to not park. The advertisement is in the periphery of thought and so stays longer in the subconscious. Therefore, it is necessary to create the design and content that sticks. It has to create an association between the brand and the wants and needs of the consumer. We have successfully executed the same.

No Parking Board advertisement Example.

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