Digital Detox: Fight the Corona chaos smartly with Universal Media

When you can’t go outside, go inside. In this digital era it is more than easy to get swayed away by the wrong news. In this article, let’s quickly go through a few points that will help you stay sane and wise in the Corona chaos. 

1. Don’t trust every watsapp forward

It is very important to know the truth behind every watsapp forward. Some are only pranks while rest are used to hype things that don’t exist. So, make sure you check the authenticity of every information. 

2. Don’t forward messages without checking the source

Don’t believe wrong information and also don’t help spreading it. Do not send messages without validating it. 

3. Limit digital exposure

Don’t get too anxious and stay online for a very long period of time. Make sure you give your mind a break and practice meditation. 

4. Watch reliable news channel and don’t believe hear say

Not all sources are true. A few news channels spread worry and fear. Also, don’t blindly trust your friends, family and relatives. Refrain from indulging in it and rely on a few old and reputed trusted news papers and channels only. 

5. A little dose of laughter does no harm

Spread hope and laughter not negativity. Laughing it out with your family on a few funny memes will help you forget your worries and look forward to a bright sunny day without the Corona chaos! 

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