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The real estate industry has been a witness to a major change in the past few years. According to many studies conducted in the last decade, it has been found that almost 51% of the buyers have found the keys to their new homes from online platforms. There are a host of online platforms that have a user-friendly interface that makes both buying and selling of houses easier. There might have been a growth of online platforms in the past decade, but there is a constant in the real estate industry whose contribution has been a constant from the last 50 years in the real estate industry – the real estate agents.

A real estate agent is still the face of the real estate industry,  people who connect a buyer and a seller. Even the research that has been cited above confirms that although 51% of the buyers found their perfect space from online platforms, those were mainly the young generation who are familiar with the gadgets. However, 88 out of 100 of the population who are still not so familiar with the use of automation seek real estate agents for the process of buying or selling their homes.

How can automation help real estate agents?

Real estate agents are connoisseurs who check properties from head to toe. Experienced agents can immediately make sure if the property is right for the new owners. Therefore, the job of real estate agents are not as easy as one thinks, especially with the demand for new homes always on the rise, agents have a lot on their plate. And here is when technology steps in,  by automating your real estate business, you can make your life a little bit easier as a real estate agent.

Here are some ways automation could help the real estate agents

  • The use of automation would help the real estate agents to fetch the lead automatically. The real estate agents can simply integrate their real estate CRM software with the different real estate platforms that are online and this integration can generate all the leads with no efforts. Many real estate CRMs have the feature of native integrations with online real estate platforms or agents can use on platforms like Zapier for getting new leads.
  • The behaviour of the customers interested in buying houses has changed a lot post the pandemic. Sales sequence through mails and not by direct contact is therefore being considered as the second benefit of automation in real estate. The real estate agents can design a series of emails that are targeted in answering specific queries of interested customers related to the locality, area, neighbourhood, and availability of medical and other facilities. 


Real estate automation makes time-consuming tasks easier. This had also kept the real estate business moving especially during the unprecedented COVID period. Real estate agents are depending more on automation nowadays because then they could spare more time on building their brand. Therefore, if you are a real estate agent you have to familiarise yourself with tools that offer automation to your real estate business for growth.

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