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During the initial phases of technology, calling was the only way to either keep in touch with people or to let them know about any business initiatives. As technology improved, the calls were upgraded to SMSs. It was a trend to send SMS to wish near and dear ones during any special time of the year. The advent of smartphones and the internet saw the development of many new applications which were far more attractive than just sending texts. One such app which was very much liked and accepted by the masses was WhatsApp, with the development of this application saw many customers moving from SMSs to WhatsApp.

Why has WhatsApp become an easier means of communication than SMSs?

You do not need rocket science to understand why customers are not loving to communicate through calls and SMSs and are choosing WhatsApp as an alternative means of business or personal communication. Texting is a far easier and smarter way to communicate with people. Texting, either through SMS or WhatsApp is a more compact way of communicating than calling, many business owners prefer them instead of calling because it does not feel like an intrusion on privacy. For example, it’s very easy to confirm something through a text to someone either on SMS or WhatsApp when you are doing some other work like cooking or eating, it does not make you feel awkward like many people sometimes feel while talking to an unknown person on calls.

Features of WhatsApp that makes it user friendly

WhatsApp is a cost-free platform for sending  SMS. Therefore, it is a clear winner in terms of cost. It’s both easy and attractive to use, therefore it gets mileage in customer preference, and the user interface makes it easy to use for those who are not comfortable in the use of gadgets. WhatsApp only requires customers to have an active internet connection and a smartphone where the application can be downloaded; everything else is free. Customers and business owners both love the option of messaging more than any other platform available on social media. And most useful of all, WhatsApp has a lot of features to make your messages very attractive, these media-rich messages can be made attractive with the help of images, video, and location.

Benefits of using WhatsApp for business

WhatsApp has become a very important platform for business-related communications because this platform enables the business owners who are sending the messages to set pre-decided messages and they can also decide the time for these messages to be sent to the customers. You can use the application through interactions with your customers live 24/7 and you can also increase your business reputation because you can give them timely responses which can keep up your business reputation. The cost per message that you send when you are using the business feature of WhatsApp, is way cheaper than a text message. Each message that is sent through WhatsApp by using the business feature is done through a fraction of the cost of sending a text message.

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