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Pamphlets Distribution Service and flyer distributor in Mumbai
 Pamphlets Distribution Service and flyer distributor in Mumbai

Auto Rickshaw Branding

Talk about streets or any nook or corner of the city, they are all inundated with slew of ads promoting something or the other, at all times. The clutter of ads and advertising mediums (like banners, posters etc.) is increasing and thus their impact on audiences is declining. Thus, a catchy and innovative advertising medium is required that can draw the audiences’ attention with its novice charm and unusualness. This brings Auto Rickshaw advertisement into picture. It is a high impact, eye catching and cost effective form of transit/mobile advertising.

With the attention level going down for all forms of media and communication, we at Universal Mediaa do our best to get the best of the visibility for your brand at a minimal cost, which in turn would maximise your marketing ROI - through Auto Rickshaw branding.

An average auto covers around 150-200 kms of area in a day, while spending about 16-20 hours on roads. Thus, any ad that is displayed on the roof or hood of the auto would also move throughout the day - covering high streets, crowded market areas, residential colonies, colleges, red lights etc., and capturing close to a lakh eye balls every day. This signifies the reach and effectiveness of auto rickshaw advertising which makes it so preferable among most big and small marketers.

With the advertising rights of over a lakh auto rickshaws across Mumbai, we create a space for smart branding with advertisements on auto rickshaws. Be it some promotional offer, tactical advertising or some product launch, auto rickshaw branding creates the much needed engagement, even when the budget is minimal. What’s more, with the auto rickshaws plying 24*7 on the roads, highways, lanes and bylanes of Mumbai, the brands visibility is truly mobile and wide-spread!